Facebook is continually evolving and adding new features, allowing you to improve your Facebook page.

But are you utilising all the features available to you?

In today’s post, I’m listing seven things that I have done recently on my own page.

These are all things you can and should be implementing too! That’s because they all help to optimise and improve your Facebook page.facebook-app-login-splash-screen-on-iphone

As we all know, Facebook is a hugely important social media channel. After all, 1.28 billion people around the world are active on the platform each and every day!

For many small businesses, Facebook can be one of the main sources, if not the main source, of online traffic to your business website.

Your Facebook page is therefore crucially important as a tool for securing visibility online. As well as a means of securing new fans of your work and attracting new customers.

So, undoubtedly, it’s worth making sure that it’s working as hard as possible for you.

Lesser-known ways to improve your Facebook page

  1. Get your Facebook page verified

The small grey tick alongside the name of your Facebook page is a verification badge. Have you got that on yours?

Verified Sixth Sense PR Facebook page

If not, and your page is setup on Facebook as a ‘local business’, ‘company’ or ‘organisation’, I’d highly recommend getting your page verified.

The process is really straight forward. I set up mine in less than a minute!

And it’s definitely worth doing. Because as a result of being verified, your Facebook page will show up higher in search results, with the possibility of generating more likes and engagement for your content.

The verification badge is there to reassure visitors to your page that it’s credible and is the genuine page for your business.

Set it up via your page settings simply by supplying a phone number and using a four digit code that Facebook will send you – full instructions for verifying your Facebook page are here.

  1. Optimise your cover photo for mobile

Since so many of us use our phones to view our Facebook feed, it makes sense that it is worth optimising your Facebook page for mobile users.

One thing I have done to improve my Facebook page is to change the cover photo I was using at the top.

Sixth Sense PR Facebook header image

I had deliberately included my logo and copy, not just an image or montage of images, in this area because this makes this valuable space work as hard as possible by communicating what I do and who I help.

But although I had been happy with how the cover image viewed on desktop (above), when being viewed on mobile I found that it was being cropped at the sides.

Sixth Sense PR Facebook page before

Why did that matter?

Well, it depends on what you have on your cover photo. But, in my case, the most important information – my logo, strapline, services and call-to-action (i.e. Sign up for free PR and marketing tips) – was being cropped when viewed on mobile (see left).

It didn’t look good.

Nor was it possible for people to read the copy without them having to click the image to view it in full size, which they were unlikely to do.

So, with a few small tweaks, I have improved the way the image views on mobile – simply by putting the key content into the central space.

Sixth Sense PR Facebook page mobile crop

This is how the page looks on mobile now, at the time of writing this.

All the information is within the viewable area on mobile devices. Much better!

The current size of the viewable area of the cover photo on mobile devices is 820 x 312 pixels, and it’s easy to find free templates online if you’d find those useful for when creating your own.

So, does your cover photo need tweaking to fit the viewable area on mobile? Check on your mobile device now!

(By the way, I also recommend you change your cover photo regularly to keep your page looking fresh and particularly if you are keen to highlight different promotions or aspects of your business throughout the year).

  1. Optimise your organic posts

Did you know that you can optimise your organic Facebook posts without having to spend a penny on Facebook advertising?

If not, check out how to make the most of the audience optimisation tools within Facebook.

Audience optimisation crop

If you’ve ever done Facebook Advertising, you’ll be familiar with preferred audience targeting options. But I don’t believe everyone is aware that a version of this is available for organic posts as well.

For example, did you know that:

  • You can set a preferred audience, to specify the people you’d like to reach in News Feed. You do this by adding tags to describe the interests of people who are most likely to enjoy your post. People in this group are then more likely to see your posts.
  • And you can set up restrictions on your post to optimise your posts further. These instruct Facebook on who is not appropriate or of interest to you. You can reduce the likelihood that people in a specific age category, gender, location or language see your posts, and by doing so increase the chances that your organic posts are seen by people you are targeting.

Because I’d like my page to be more visible to professional photographers, I’ve been able to use photography-related words as tags to optimise all my posts to reach these kinds of people.

In my opinion, it’s really great to be able to specify the kind of people that you would prefer Facebook shows your page posts to. Particularly because, as we all know, organic reach is dwindling.

It is unlikely that more than 5% (sometimes as little as 2.6%) of your total audience is actually seeing your posts in their news feed. So, it makes sense that you might want to optimise your posts for a particular audience.

That way, when the posts are shown in News Feed, at least they may be more likely to be shown to the kind of people you want to attract to your business.

4. Apply a template to customise how your Facebook page looks

Another change I have made is to apply a template to my Facebook page.

As a service-based business, I have chosen the ‘Professional Services’ template from the seven templates that are available. I have updated it to this from the ‘Standard’ template which is automatically applied to pages when they are setup.

Selecting a services template (via Settings) allows me to customise my page and to draw attention to particular information, call-to-action buttons and tabs on my page. Notice the large blue ‘Learn more’ button which links people to my website.Sixth Sense PR Facebook page crop

The main thing I liked about the services template is that it gives me an area at the top of the page where I can list my core services (PR, copywriting etc. ) and prices – something I didn’t have before with the standard template.

Could applying a different template help to highlight your core products or services better?

5. Encourage people who like your content to like your Facebook business page

If you get lots of engagement on your Facebook page content, this is a great little feature.

You can invite those who like your Facebook page content to like your page. Simply hit the ‘Invite’ button next to their name when viewing the post engagement details.

Granted, not everyone who likes a particular post of yours may be interested in following your page, but chances are they would consider it.

So why not use this handy little feature to invite them? You could potentially gain another new follower for your page just because you bothered to suggest it. Happy days!


6. Like content and pages as your brand, not your personal profile

Another thing I aim to do regularly, is to use Facebook as both myself (@zoehiljemark) as well as my company (@sixthsensepruk).

By using my Sixth Sense PR username rather than my personal profile when liking pages and individual posts that I enjoy, or want to show my support for, I am creating more opportunities for people to see that my page exists.

Plus, this also prevents your family and friends, who follow you on your personal profile, getting tonnes of updates in their news feed about work-related pages and content that you are engaging with.

7. Pin posts to keep them top-of-mind

Finally, ensure to use the pinned post option to keep important information at the top of your Facebook page. Perhaps that’s your contact information, your latest promotion, a blog or links to your other social media pages.

To do this, simply click the down arrow at the top right-hand side of the Facebook post that you are wanting to pin, then select ‘Pin to top’.

This is a great way to keep your best content visible.

I keep my blog posts pinned at the top of my page, and I change the post that is pinned frequently to keep the page looking fresh and to direct people to different content.


Time to improve your Facebook page!

Now, over to you!

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, hopefully there is something new here for you to go away and action.

How could you improve your Facebook page and which of these will you be implementing today? Do let me know in the comments.