I can help you grow your photography business!

You started your business because you loved photography. But now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You’re trying to stay on top of the daily demands of your business, grow an audience and attract new clients. But you’re actually doing less and less of the creative work that you love.

As you’ve come to realise, building a successful photography business involves a LOT more than being able to create outstanding images. Marketing is essential!

Whether you’re procrastinating on marketing your photography business or are feeling frustrated, clueless or are lacking the confidence to promote yourself, it’s probably time you got some help. I might know just the person!

I’ve years of experience helping photographers with their PR and marketing

Zoe Hiljemark PR & Content Strategist helping professional photographers to promote and grow their businesses

I work exclusively with professional photographers who are wanting to up their game and become more visible.

Photographers hire me because they recognise the value in getting the help and guidance of a PR and marketing expert who understands the photography industry and who has a proven track record of promoting photographers like them.

If you are looking to outsource or if you’re keen to up-skill so that you can improve your DIY marketing, I have a solution for youI offer consultancy, training and coaching to photographers.

My Story

I established Sixth Sense PR in 2013 and soon-after began working exclusively with photographers.

Before that, I spent a decade in senior PR roles, representing small businesses as well as national and international brands.

When I hired Karen Wiltshire to photograph my eldest son as a newborn seven years ago, I didn’t know that this was going to set me on an exciting path…

Karen became one of my very first clients and, over time, more photographers hired me to help them with their PR and marketing.

Every day in my business, I now provide hands-on-help to photographers across the country by generating publicity and creating compelling marketing content that makes them more visible and attracts clients.

I also speak at events, host training workshops and offer group and 1-2-1 coaching to photographers.

If you’ve reached that exciting stage in your photography business where you’re seeking PR and marketing support, coaching or training then keep reading to discover how I can help. 

There are several ways we can potentially work together, with something to suit every budget. Go here to find out more.

(Pssst! I can also even help you for free!)


Why hire me?

  • A specialist in marketing communications for photographers

    I’ve worked in communications for 15 years and established Sixth Sense PR back in July 2013.

    For almost five years, I’ve worked exclusively with photographers, and have developed a solid reputation in the photography industry. I can hit the ground running!

  • An experienced consultant who enjoys the jobs you don’t!

    Photographers who hire me usually don’t have either the skills, the know-how, the time or the desire to do all of their PR and marketing themselves. I do!

  • Strategic consultancy

    I help my clients to develop a strategic plan rather than flit from one marketing tactic to the next. I put the focus very much on creating engaging marketing content that will attract the right kind of clients to their photography businesses.

  • A team member who is personable, proactive and conscientious 

    I care about your success and can bolt on seamlessly onto your team. Work with me 1-2-1 and gain peace of mind from knowing that the promotional aspects of your business are being taken care of, by someone you trust.

  • Results-focussed

    I am committed to providing a great return on your investment and to getting you and your photography business noticed.

  • Packages to suit your requirements and budget

    Hire Sixth Sense PR and get the support you need, at a level that suits your unique requirements.

    Whether that’s on-going, practical help to get the day-to-day marketing tasks done, one-off strategic consultancy to give you a plan with a purpose, or coaching and training.