Marketing support for your photography business

You started your business because you loved photography.

But now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You’re trying to stay on top of the daily demands of your business – the sales, the marketing, running the client sessions, the editing, the administration and everything else that goes with running a photography business.

But you’re actually doing less and less of the creative work that you love.

As you well know, building a photography business involves a LOT more than being able to create outstanding images.

But if it’s all getting a bit too much, perhaps you need some PR and marketing support for your photography business?

This is exactly what I offer.

Hire me and I join your team, without the long-term commitment or cost of you hiring permanent staff.

I can help you to get your time back to focus on the creative aspects of your photography business.

You’ll have an expert on-tap to devise you an effective marketing strategy centred on the power of PR and content.

Plus, hands-on help with the on-going content creation and promotional tasks that you don’t enjoy or aren’t doing well.

Meet Zoe

If we haven’t already met, hi! I’m Zoe. It’s great that you’re here!

I’m an independent communications consultant and I specialise in PR and content marketing for professional photographers.

A few things about me:

I’m a thirty-something mum of three, an avid reader, a lover of lists, and a terrible cook!

My surname is pronounced HIL-JER-MARK in case you’re wondering – I’ve got my Swedish husband to thank for that one! It confuses everyone, don’t worry!

I’m originally from the Midlands – the home of Rugby football, to be exact. Now though, you’ll find me enjoying the sea air and family life in Dorset, on the south coast of England.

But thanks to the power of the internet (the greatest ever invention apart from maybe the camera, right?), I work with photographers all over the UK.

My Experience

What qualifies me to do what I do? Well, I’ve got an Honours degree in Communications and a total of 14 years of PR and marketing experience in the bag so far.

For ten of those years, I directed and managed PR campaigns for independent creatives (artists, designers, architects and authors),  leisure, travel, retail, hotel & catering, luxury property, and marine and yachting companies. Also, local and national charities and global luxury brands.

This diverse client experience gave me a solid grounding in marketing communications and was a whole lot of fun! I’ve worked for some amazing people and have always loved my work – helping my clients to reach new audiences and gain the recognition they deserve.

Since I particularly enjoyed working for small creative businesses, this was the path I pursued when I started up on my own, in 2013, as a freelance consultant.

For almost five years now, I’ve been working exclusively with professional photographers.

A passion for promoting photography businesses

My work with professional photographers began after I hired Karen Wiltshire. Karen was and still is, an amazingly talented newborn photographer and I instantly loved her work.

Little did I know back then that meeting Karen, and subsequently working for her, was going to set me on an exciting path. I soon discovered a passion and talent for promoting photography businesses, and have never since looked back!

If you are at the stage where you are seeking marketing support for your photography business, then please take a look around and discover how I may be able to help.