Marketing communications support for photographers

You started your business because you loved photography.

But now you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You’re trying to stay on top of the daily demands of your business – the sales, the marketing, running the client sessions, the editing, the administration and everything else that goes with running a photography business.

But you’re actually doing less and less of the creative work that you love.

As you well know, building a photography business involves a LOT more than being able to create outstanding images.

But if it’s all getting a bit too much, perhaps you need some PR and marketing communications support for your photography business?

This is exactly what I offer.

Meet Zoe Hiljemark

Hi! My name is Zoe Hiljemark. It’s great that you’re here!

I’m an independent PR and content marketing consultant and I work exclusively with photographers.

Little did I know that hiring Karen Wiltshire to photograph my newborn son back in 2012 was going to set me on an exciting path.

When I launched my business the following year, Karen and I began working together. And, over time, more photographers hired me to help them.

Every day in my business, I now help photographers across the country by generating publicity and creating compelling marketing content that makes them more visible and attracts clients.

Since deciding to specialise in promoting photography businesses I’ve never looked back. I love what I do and would love to help you too!

If you’ve reached that exciting stage in your photography business where you’re seeking marketing communications support, then keep reading to discover how I can help. 

There are several ways we can potentially work together, with something to suit every budget. Go here to find out more.

(Pssst! I can also even help you for free – find out how!)