Why hire Sixth Sense PR?

  • A specialist in marketing communications for photographers

    I’ve worked in communications for 14 years and established Sixth Sense PR back in July 2013.

    For almost five years, I’ve worked exclusively with photographers, and have developed a solid reputation in the photography industry. I can hit the ground running!

  • An experienced consultant who enjoys the jobs you don’t!

    Photographers who hire me usually don’t have either the skills, the know-how, the time or the desire to do all of their PR and marketing themselves. I do!

  • Strategic consultancy

    I help my clients to develop a strategic plan rather than flit from one marketing tactic to the next. I put the focus very much on creating engaging marketing content that will attract the right kind of clients to their photography businesses.

  • A team member who is personable, proactive and conscientious 

    I care about your success and can bolt on seamlessly onto your team. Work with me 1-2-1 and gain peace of mind from knowing that the promotional aspects of your business are being taken care of, by someone you trust.

  • Results-focussed

    I am committed to providing a great return on your investment and to getting you and your photography business noticed.

  • Packages to suit your requirements and budget

    Hire Sixth Sense PR and get the support you need, at a level that suits your unique requirements.

    Whether that’s on-going, practical help to get the day-to-day marketing tasks done or one-off strategic consultancy to give you a plan with a purpose.

Ways we can work together

1) On-going support

The photographers I work with on a 1-2-1, ‘done-for-you’, basis commit to a set fee per month to match the level of communications support needed for their business.

They hire me and I ensure that their marketing communications activities are strategically focussed and get done!

The continuous relationship I develop with my 1-2-1 clients means that I can develop in-depth knowledge of their business, and identify PR and content opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Please note that I offer a ‘done-for-you’ service to a limited number of photographers. Please contact me to enquire about my current availability.

Monthly retainer packages start at £295 p/month.

2) One-off consultancy

If you’re looking for help but aren’t quite ready to commit to an on-going retainer, or if I don’t have the capacity to support you right now, you may be interested in my one-off consultancy services instead.

This is a way of picking my brain about a PR, content or marketing communications challenge that you are facing in your photography business, without having to commit to working with me long-term.

I offer one-hour ‘clinics’, which are easy to book and pay for online.

You can currently choose from either a Blogging Clinic or a PR/media relations Clinic session. These cost £95.00.


3) Coming Autumn 2018 - online and in-person training workshops for photographers

Learn how to use PR and content marketing to promote your photography business and attract more clients!

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