Testimonials from Professional Photographers

Karen Wiltshire, KW Photography

“Sixth Sense PR has transformed my business from a local, largely unknown, small business to being recognised on a national level.

Zoe has been a fantastic asset, improving my PR beyond my expectations. We began working together in 2013 and I can only praise the continued service I have received since then.” 

Georgina Humphrey, Bundles of Joy Photography

“Zoe helps me to create quality content for my blog – something I have always struggled with.

As a bolt on to our team, she ensures that I am improving how I communicate with clients. And she’s helping me to get more consistent with my marketing.” 

Bundles of Joy Photography logo

Sarah Osborne, Angel Eyes Photography

“The detail that Zoe has gone into when helping me with my ideal client profile is amazing, and she’s done useful work that I couldn’t have done myself.

She developed ideas for my blog content and social media that I would never have thought up on my own!”

Rob Mank, Rob Mank Photography

“I was surprised at how much work Zoe put into my campaign; she went above and beyond my expectations.

I would happily recommend Zoe to anyone who is needing help with their PR.”

Rob Mank Photography logo

Diane Brown, Diane Brown Photography

“On a one-off project, Zoe did an excellent job. I have struggled to get featured in the local press but she secured me a double-page news article. I would highly recommend Sixth Sense PR and will definitely be using its services again.”

Diane Brown Photography logo

Frances Stephenson, Frances Stephenson Photography

“Zoe is excellent at what she does and is worth every penny. She helps me create regular content for my website- more than I could ever do!

Her ongoing help allows me to focus on the aspects of my business I enjoy most. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Frances Stephenson Photography logo

Sharon Wallis, Sharon Wallis Photography

“Zoe was highly recommended by other portrait photographers I knew and quickly developed an understanding of our business and brand. 

It really makes a difference to us having Zoe on hand to help us put into words what we do and how we are different.” 

Mel Taylor, Mel Taylor Photography

“Zoe has done several PR jobs for me and I have been more than impressed with her results. She has secured me articles in photography, pet and lifestyle magazines and she is very easy to work with.

She offers lots of useful advice and does not make false promises. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Mel Taylor Photography logo

Danielle Dunbar, Bright Apple Photography

“I hired Zoe to help me write copy for my website. I loved the copywriting that she did for me. She’s a genius with words!”

Bright Apple Photography logo

Simon Dewey, Simon Dewey Wedding Photography

“Zoe completely refreshed the copy on my website, transforming it into something far more appealing to my customers.

I’m hoping to do some PR work soon and Zoe will be the first person I turn to.

Simon Dewey Photography logo

Cass Davies, Cass Davies Photography

“Zoe has been the push I needed to refine and focus my photography business marketing plan.

Working with Zoe is refreshing! She provides the support to drive things further and improve my clients’ experience, and the volume of them I attract.”

Sandra Cullen, Sandra Cullen Photography

“I cannot recommend Zoe enough. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and she’s always happy to give advice and help. She’s also very honest and if something won’t work, she will tell you. 

She is one of the best investments I have made in my photography business!”


Karen Yeomans, Karen Yeomans Photography

“Zoe provided me with a clear action plan for a campaign to promote my photography business.

I needed her expertise and it proved valuable in guiding me in the right direction.”

Richard Stow, Richard Stow Photography

“I was really pleased with the work that Zoe did for me.

She structured a marketing plan that I can keep coming back to as a guide for keeping myself busy, finding new clients and getting my work seen. Thanks, Zoe!”

Karen Gray, Karen Gray Photography

“The PR work Zoe did was brilliant! She secured several pieces of media coverage. I was really pleased with the results.”

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Online and in-person training testimonials

Joanne Dewberry, Lemur Linkup networking group

“Zoe came and gave a talk for about PR. She has a wealth of knowledge and shared super tips on how to do your own PR if your budget is tight.

I would highly recommend Zoe if you are looking for a speaker at your next networking event.” 

 Laura Jane Griffiths, Business Coach

“We had the pleasure of having Zoe lead a workshop for us on PR. Zoe’s approachability and warmth make her a pleasure to work with and learn from.

She has a wealth of knowledge which has been extremely beneficial to not only myself, but also my community of small business owners. You could not wish to work with anyone better. Thank you Zoe!

Clare Farthing, Business Coach

“I was privileged to have Zoe on my Speaker Panel at the “Inspiring Success 2-Day Business Retreat”. Zoe led a fabulous talk and interactive session on PR and shared tips on how to pitch to the media.

The ladies attending were highly complimentary of Zoe’s presentation and the value given. I’d highly recommend Zoe to anyone wishing to have an inspirational speaker who is clearly passionate and highly knowledgeable about PR and the media.”


Clare Farthing