I want to let you in on a secret. There’s a free PR tool that you may not be aware of. It could prove invaluable for helping to source publicity for your photography business.

The tool I’m talking about is the hashtag #journorequest.

Free publicity is just a mouse click away!

Every single day journalists, bloggers and content creators use the journorequest hashtag within Twitter to highlight opportunities for people like you.

They may be working on commissioned stories and need information, ideas, contacts or case studies to include in their articles. They are often working to tight deadlines and need this info fast.

If you are proactive in your use of the journorequest hashtag, you could potentially be the person or the company that they choose to feature. Resulting in free, valuable exposure and publicity for your photography business!

How #journorequest works

The journorequest hashtag is widely used. Everyone from small-time bloggers and aspiring journalists to those working on the news or feature desks of high-profile national publications use it.

It allows them to reach a national, and even global, audience. As well as to communicate quickly and easily what it is they are looking for, and to get immediate responses.

Since Twitter has in excess of 320 million users, chances are that there is someone on there who is following the journorequest hashtag, who can provide exactly what they are looking for.

That person could be you!

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Discover free media opportunities

With very little effort, and at no cost to you other than a few minutes of your time, you can potentially identify free media opportunities for your business. Simply by proactively searching for the journorequest hashtag within Twitter.

Sounds great, right?

I believe that the journorequest hashtag is an absolute goldmine for small business owners, like you, who are seeking publicity opportunities.

It’s a free PR tool that helps to identify journalists who should be on your radar. (Don’t forget to ‘follow’ them when you find them). It literally lets you into the journalist’s or blogger’s world.

Without going to the effort of creating a press release or crafting a proactive media pitch, you can see exactly what they are working on and what they need.

You can respond to their requests and put yourself forward for consideration.

Examples of media coverage I’ve generated via #journorequest

Using this very same approach I have identified lots of relevant journalists to add to my media lists.

I’ve also found many media opportunities that have been relevant to either my business or my clients’ photography businesses.

You shouldn’t expect to achieve success with the majority of the journorequests you respond to. Hundreds of other people will also be responding, after all.

But so many of those that I have reacted to have translated into free media coverage.

For example, I was featured on the website of Mother & Baby, the UK’s number one parenting website. Simply through using the journorequest hashtag.

Since I work for several newborn photographers, and am targeting this publication on their behalf on a regular basis, getting featured and put in direct contact with the editorial team for the magazine was a strategic win.

Because I was helping them, by providing an interview that would help them fill column inches, I was allowed valuable access to a key journalist on the magazine.

I was able to properly introduce myself. To discuss what I could offer them going forward in terms of access to my clients and potential stories. Importantly, I was able to continue to nurture a personal relationship with the journalist.

Additional to this, I have secured numerous and significant print editorial features within national magazines and newspapers.

For example, a full page article focused entirely on my client within Fabulous – the Sunday supplement within The Sun newspaper. Also, a similarly sized feature within the popular woman’s glossy Woman & Home magazine. These are just a couple of recent, high profile, examples.

Convinced yet?

The journorequest hashtag really is a fantastic free PR tool. If you’re seeking publicity for your photography business, I’d urge you to go and check it out.

Best thing of all, it literally takes minutes to respond to a journorequest. Yet the return could potentially be worth thousands of pounds in media coverage!

My top tips for how you can use #journorequest to gain free publicity

I recommend that you visit Twitter daily and spend just five or ten minutes scrolling through the opportunities that come up in the feed when you search for #journorequest. You never know when the perfect opportunity for your business or brand may reveal itself


Don’t forget that a speedy response is crucial. You’ll need to be one of the first to reply to the opportunity if you are to increase the likelihood of being considered. So if you do think that you could genuinely help with a journorequest, act fast


Respond by way of a simply reply to the relevant tweet, and include brief information to demonstrate how you fit the bill. You only have 140 characters in Twitter so use them wisely to explain how and why you are relevant


A journalist may respond to you and continue the conversation within Twitter or may ask you to send further details by direct message or email. So within Twitter make sure you turn notifications on, and keep a look out for any response to the requests your reply to


If you do get that chance to provide more details, again, act fast. Don’t lose the opportunity simply by sending a tardy reply. Or worse, no reply at all!

By searching for the journorequest hashtag within the search box within Twitter you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets with details of media opportunities.

Keep a look out for ones relevant to you and who knows what could happen as a result!

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