I’ve discovered some brilliant photography podcasts and wanted to share them with you today.

These podcasts are packed full of great tips, advice and insight into how to operate and grow your photography business. So they are undoubtedly a fantastic resource for any professional or aspiring photographer.

I would urge you to check them out.

Girl listening to a photography podcast

  1. Sprouting Photographer – The business of photography with Brian Caporicci and Robert Nowell

This is my favourite photography podcast at the moment.

There are now two episodes of Sprouting Photographer per week. A new episode is released every Tuesday and Thursday.

Brian and Robert have recorded well over 300 episodes at the time of writing this, so there is an extensive back catalogue which you can dive into at any time.

They interview leading photographers from around the world. They also talk alone or together about topics relating to running a successful photography business.

Recent topics they’ve covered include how to create a content marketing plan, photography pricing mistakes, and how to create your ideal workflow.

  1. The Six Figure Photography podcast with Ben Hartley

Host Ben Hartley is a successful international photographer and photography educator, based in the US.

He interviews professional photographers and shares advice about how to grow your professional photography business into a six-figure enterprise.

I particularly enjoyed his recent interview with renowned photographer Jasmine Star (episode 40). In that one, they talked about the future of social media and common mistakes that photographers are making on social.

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  1. The Evolve Your Wedding Business podcast with Heidi Thompson

This one is specifically for wedding photographers, as the name suggests. But much of the advice shared could also apply to other genres of photography.

A new episode is released every other Wednesday, and there are over 100 episodes to check out at the time of writing. Heidi interviews wedding photography experts and also offers solo training.

Recent topics have included mastering Google Analytics, how to raise your prices, email marketing, the importance of mindset in business, and how to get more leads and enquiries.

Check out these photography podcasts today!

From the descriptions I’ve given above, I hope that you’ve gotten a sense of why it could be worth your while to tune in to these three photography podcasts (and others like them).

Here are three more compelling reasons:

  1. Access to invaluable photography and business advice

By listening to photography podcasts you are effectively tuning in on the conversations of successful professional photographers from around the world. People who’ve been there, done that and have advice and tips to share.

Listen, take notes and implement what you learn. The nuggets you take away could be worth their weight in gold to your photography business.


2. Zero cost!

All this goodness is available for free. All you need is access to a smartphone, tablet or computer with iTunes or Stitcher. Honestly, you’d be crazy to not check all this good stuff out.

3. Flexible learning

Listening to podcasts is something you can do at a time and in a place that suits you. Play them in the background while you’re editing or travelling in the car, for example.

You don’t need to worry about listening in live (although you can). The archive of each podcast is searchable and it’s easy to find episodes relating to topics that you’re interested in. It literally couldn’t be easier.

Which photography podcasts do you enjoy?

Since you’re serious about growing your professional photography business, have a listen to these photography podcasts and take from them what you can.

Tip – Don’t forget to subscribe to the ones you like so that you are sure to not miss out on future episodes as they become available.

If there are any other photography business and marketing related podcasts you’d also recommend, do please let me in the comments. I love discovering new resources. And other photographers reading this would no doubt be grateful if you shared below too!