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Introducing the Turning Points blog series

We all have a story to tell. There are likely to have been many turning points in your life so far, as there has been in mine. And all these [...]

Why in–person networking is key to growing your business

How much of your time do you invest in in-person networking? How engaged are you with other local business people? Do people in your industry or community know your face [...]

Introducing the Dorset Freelance PR Consortium

At the end of 2015, I co-founded The Dorset Freelance PR Consortium - a free networking group for self-employed PR professionals in my local area. Here’s the story of why. [...]

Content marketing book review: ‘The Content Revolution’ by Mark Masters

You'll no doubt, by now, have heard of the phrase 'content marketing'. But if you're wondering what it is or how you can be using it as a means of [...]