We all have a story to tell.

There are likely to have been many turning points in your life so far, as there has been in mine.

And all these events have contributed to where we each find ourselves today, as small business owners.

Learning through the stories of others

If you’re anything like me, you gain a lot of value from listening to the stories of successful people in business.

I’m always keen to learn how they have set about creating their businesses. Where they found inspiration for their products or services. And how they handled challenges and even failure.

The truth is, we have all experienced ‘turning points’ in our lives.

These are the times when something just clicked in our heads. When suddenly an idea for a business was generated. A life-changing realisation was made. A business opportunity became apparent. Or a challenge stopped us in our tracks and forced us to follow a different path.

New ‘Turning Points’ blog series

So, I am thrilled to announce plans for my new ‘Turning Points’ blog series.

Turning Points will feature interviews that I will carry out with a variety of successful creative entrepreneurs.

Once a month I will ask the person I interview to share their story and details of their journey into business and ask them to reveal what their ‘turning points’ have been in both their work and life.

I’ll also be asking them to reveal their top tips and tools, which you may also find useful.

And, I’ll ask them to recall experiences that could hopefully prove inspirational or useful to you.

Interviews with creative entrepreneurs

I have plans to interview successful and up-and-coming creative entrepreneurs, like you, including photographers, authors, artists, marketing professionals, journalists and graphic designers.

If you would like to be featured in a future Turning Points blog, please get in touch via zoe@sixthsensepr.co.uk.

The first interview will be live here, on the Sixth Sense PR website, in the next few days.