If you’re keen to make a bigger impact with your content marketing, my Blogging Clinics could help.

You’ll hopefully already know that I’m Zoe, a PR consultant, content writer and content marketing strategist.

My Blogging Clinics are one-hour long phone/video consultations and the most affordable way of working with me if you need help with your blogging.

Who are the Blogging Clinics for?

The Blogging Clinics are perfect for you if you’re a photographer who knows you should be blogging regularly to promote your business but, for one reason or another, is feeling stuck.


  • you’re not finding the time in your schedule to blog regularly
  • you don’t know what to write about
  • you don’t feel confident about your writing skills
  • you struggle to write compelling headlines that attract readers to your blog
  • you are writing blogs, but need more eyeballs on your content
  • you are writing blogs, but are lacking an overall content strategy
  • you don’t know how to convert your blog readers into paying customers
  • or, you’re unsure of whether your blog is working as hard as it could be in generating leads and sales.

Well, if any of these problems describe how you are feeling about your current blog, book a Blogging Clinic with me today.

Let’s work together to make some positive changes!

A health check for your photography blog

The Blogging Clinics are an opportunity for you to get one-off support from me that is tailored to your business.

I’ve previously limited my availability to a small number of professional photographers who I was working with on an on-going basis.

My blogging clinics are now your chance to get my expert help and guidance without having to commit to an on-going retainer.

Why not book one today and get a content marketing kick-start?

You know you’ve been meaning to focus on your blog for a long time now.

This is your chance to take a positive step that won’t break the bank, and to ask an expert all those burning questions about blogging that you’ve been wanting to ask.

Why book a Blogging Clinic?

Book a Blogging Clinic and I’ll share with you some of my very best tips. And I’ll give you specific guidance on how to approach the main blogging related challenges that you are facing.

With my input, you’ll gain newfound clarity and have lots of ‘a-ha’ moments. And you’ll finally be able to move forward, get consistent and strategic with your blogging.

Together, we can develop and improve your blog so that it starts to work for you as the client-generating content machine that it could be!

Blogging Clinics

Practical help and tips to improve your photography blog

Since 2013, I have been helping professional photographers, like you, with their blog strategy and content creation.

And before that, I worked with international brands, sole traders and everything in between, over a period of ten years. As a PR and communications expert, it was my job to create compelling marketing content in the form of press releases, feature articles and newsletters for the companies I worked for.

So, for the past 14 years, I have been honing my copywriting skills and developing expertise in strategic content creation.

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that content strategy and content creation have become core parts of my service offering here at Sixth Sense PR.

Professional photographer with Canon DSLR camera

How to book your Blogging Clinic

Booking your Blogging Clinic is simple.

  1. Request an appointment by selecting the date and time from the available options, listed here.
  2. Complete your details where prompted.
  3. Tell me your blog URL and the main challenges you are facing with your blog.
  4. Make your payment via PayPal (Blogging Clinics cost £195 and include a half-hour follow-up/accountability session which can be taken at any time within three months of the original Clinic)
  5. On receipt of your booking and full payment, I will carry out an audit of your existing blog ahead of our call.
  6. Then, I’ll contact you on the chosen date and time. We will speak for up to one-hour and address your main blogging challenges. We’ll also agree a date and time for your follow-up appointment.
  7. After the call, I’ll send you an email with the notes from my blog audit and my tailored recommendations based on our conversation.
  8. The half-hour follow-up call will take place on the mutually agreed date and time, and is your chance to ask me any further questions.

Why not book your Blogging Clinic today?

Content support services

As well as the Blogging Clinics, I also offer PR/Media Relations Clinics.

Plus I provide bespoke content strategy and content creation packages for photographers who need on-going content support.

I can help you develop your content plan and/or actually write your blog articles for you. In fact, over the past four years, I’ve ghost-written hundreds of blog articles for photographers, like you.

Contact me to enquire about my content creation packages and Blogging or PR clinics.