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Seven simple ways to improve your Facebook page

Facebook is continually evolving, improving and adding new features. Which is great! But it also makes it harder to keep on top of all the options available to you when marketing your business on Facebook. […]

Turning Points: Interview with content marketing expert Mark Masters

Welcome to the second edition of my new Turning Points blog series. In this series, I interview creative entrepreneurs and successful independent business owners – people like you. […]

Three ways to secure free publicity for your creative business

Securing free publicity in the media is a great way for you to promote your photography business. […]

Turning Points: Interview with crime fiction author Paddy Magrane

Welcome to the new Turning Points blog series In this very first edition, I am thrilled to have an interview with artist turned crime fiction author, Paddy Magrane, to share [...]

Introducing the Turning Points blog series

We all have a story to tell. There are likely to have been many turning points in your life so far, as there has been in mine. And all these [...]

Why are you not using PR to promote your business?

If you're not currently using PR, may I ask why not? After all, PR could put you and your business in front of thousands, if not tens or hundreds of [...]

Yet to set your business goals for 2017?

January is an ideal time to reflect on the past twelve months of your business performance and to plan for the coming year. Small business owners the world over are currently [...]

My word for 2017 and why you should choose one too

What one word captures the essence of your business intentions for 2017, I wonder? Is this something that you have even considered? I ask because instead of writing a list [...]

How to recruit a virtual assistant

Typically, we creative entrepreneurs are time-poor. Working solo is tough. We are prone to feeling overwhelmed as a result of having to juggle so many different roles within our businesses. [...]

What is Public Relations?

I believe public relations (PR) is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. Microsoft magnate, Bill Gates even agrees with me! He has famously said,"If I was down to my [...]

Why in–person networking is key to growing your business

How much of your time do you invest in in-person networking? How engaged are you with other local business people? Do people in your industry or community know your face [...]

Reflections on three years as a freelance PR consultant

I’m in a celebratory mood this week - I’ve just completed my third year in business as a freelance PR consultant! So I thought that this anniversary presented an ideal [...]

Why you should use a call to action to increase the effectiveness of your blog

If you are a business owner, chances are that you have realised the importance of blogging. You'll already know that it's a fantastic way to: demonstrate your credibility provide value [...]

Don’t miss this FREE PR tool to secure publicity for your business or brand

I want to let you in on a secret. There’s a free PR tool that you may not be aware of. It could prove invaluable for helping to source publicity [...]

How to get media coverage using personal stories

Usually, my aim is to get media coverage for my clients. Whether that be in local, regional or national media. Today though I wanted to share with you an example of a [...]

Introducing the Dorset Freelance PR Consortium

At the end of 2015 I co-founded The Dorset Freelance PR Consortium - a free networking group for self-employed PR professionals in my local area. Here’s the story of why. [...]

Book Review: ‘The Content Revolution’ by Mark Masters

Would you like to know more about what content marketing is all about? And, how can you implement it into your business? If so, I highly recommend that you check [...]

Instagram for business: A novice’s guide

Instagram is the (relatively) new kid on the block when it comes to small business marketing. Yet, in the past year or so it’s really increased in popularity. So, if you aren't [...]